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Al Scholbrock 

Where do you live? Tucson, AZ

Hi Larry,

The past two days we had Frank and Kate Boyle over from their winter home in Truth or Consequences, NM.  Today, as were hiking in the Catalina State Park next door to us, Frank mentioned your name and some of your post-retirement accomplishments.  Tonight I googled your name and came upon your web site. Very, very impressive.  

Frank and I are going to hike parts of the Superior Hiking Trail this summer. Perhaps we will run into you.  Summertime finds us on Island Lake north of Duluth.  My wife, Gin, taught at WITC and I was at UW-Superior from 1973-2001.  We thoroughly enjoyed living in Superior, raising our kids there, and being connected to the "Northland".  BTW, Pete and Mavis Moran joined Kate, Frank, and us for brunch today.  The Morans are "Snowbirds" also in our neighborhood here in Oro Valley, AZ (North Tucson).

I thoroughly enjoyed watching your Spartan football teams, and always admired the way you coached and conducted yourself and your team.

Our daughter, Kara, was a friend of Ryan's - - just a fantastic young man, and I will tip my hat to him when I see that "satellite cross the sky at night".

If you are ever in the Tucson area in the winter or the Island Lake area in the summer, stop by for a cup of coffee, brewski, or whatever! 

Keep up the great adventures!

Al Scholbrock

James L Beecroft Email

Where do you live? Cambridge, MN

Are you the same Corita Schwingle that was a classmate at Almena State Graded and later at Barron High School?

dan cade 

Where do you live? terre haute, Indiana

great site!!  sounds like something i would like to try someday.
enjoyed playing golf with you and charlie at gulf state park.

Don Backlund Email

Where do you live? Superior Wisconsin

Nice to connect with you again Larry Love your site

James Fleisch  Email

Where do you live? Canton, IL

I can' t tell you how happy I was to stumble across your website today. I was looking for folding bikes on google to do a bike/kayak combo when I found your site. I am very interested to know more about your gear and perhaps a list of the items you take with you. I've been dreaming about this kind of trip for awhile. Do you have a guide or any sort of advice for someone looking to do a bike/boat trip? Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I talk about wanting to do this. Even the kayak companies I emailed didn't really know what to tell me.


Brian Matheson Email

Where do you live? Superior, WI (Amnicon Lake)

Hi Coach,

Your web-site looks great and what an inspiration to keep active and adventurous - especially when you finally get some time in retirement.  Keep up the great adventures!!  It has been a few years since I ran into you last - I think it was on the Namakegan River. 

Take Care.


Dustin Henderson 

Where do you live? Cleveland TN

Your adventures are very inspiring , and I too some day would like to do an adventure like Tue ones you have done ...

Colleen Lentz Email

Where do you live? Medford, WI


Wow Larry you really redid you is very nice. I hope you can go with us next year.

Josh Lentz 

Where do you live? Madison, WI

 It was great to meet you on the Flambeau yesterday!  I ended up telling our entire group about alot of what you've done in the past, like the DC trip to the Pacific.  Maybe someday we'll bump into you again!
Take Care,


Colleen Lentz Email

Where do you live? Medford, WI

       It was great to meet you on the Flambeau River yesterday!! We all enjoyed paddling awhile with you and hope to see you on another river sometime some where.
Be safe! and keep paddling!!
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