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Colleen Lentz Email

Where do you live? Medford, WI


Wow Larry you really redid you is very nice. I hope you can go with us next year.

Josh Lentz 

Where do you live? Madison, WI

 It was great to meet you on the Flambeau yesterday!  I ended up telling our entire group about alot of what you've done in the past, like the DC trip to the Pacific.  Maybe someday we'll bump into you again!
Take Care,


Colleen Lentz Email

Where do you live? Medford, WI

       It was great to meet you on the Flambeau River yesterday!! We all enjoyed paddling awhile with you and hope to see you on another river sometime some where.
Be safe! and keep paddling!!

Norm Miller Email

Where do you live? Livingston, Montana

Larry-- Great to meet you in Michigan for the Kruger Statue dedication. Good to paddle with you too.  Checking out your updated website and all your trips.
See you on the river somewhere.

Dave Buhr Email

Where do you live? Duluth, MN

Larry -

You are a complete inspiration.  I just looked through all the adventures and i am just amazed.  I know i could never keep up with you but would greatly enjoy meeting you during one of the adventures and go a little ways with you.  Maybe i could drag Eric or Dean with and even maybe that highly athletic Ken Barnes. 

Very cool site and I think it is amazing all that you do.  Thank you!!!!!


Bob Williams 

Where do you live? Chippewa Falls, WI


Roger Mlsna said he talked to a guy who had taught at E.C. Central a long time ago and Jane & I figured out it had to be you & I see by one of the comments you were in the Gulf Shores area.  We're staying in the same RV park as Roger and were wondering if you're still in the area.  If you are, we're at the Island Retreat RV park in Gulf Shores site #137 and will be here until 04/01.  We'd love to see you guys again!


Jim & Voula Heffernan 

Where do you live? Duluth, MN

We had a fun visit with you and the Duluth/Superior group at the Harbor Grill in Orange Beach the other night. Just took a look at your web site and read about your amazing feats.  What wonderful accomplishments you've experienced! Thanks for sharing.
Jim & Voula Heffernan

Dave Hickerson Email

Where do you live? Pensacola, Florida


I enjoyed meeting and playing golf with you and Charlie yesterday. Thanks for telling me about your website. I didn't realize at the time that we were playing with quite the celebrity. I don't know how much longer you expect to be in town but if you'd like to play Marcus Pointe again, give us a call. My cell number is 850-484-9028.


John Hansen 

Where do you live? your home state

Enjoyed watching your adventures!

Tony Davis Email

Where do you live? Euless, TX

I want to take a second to thank you for being a role model for me as a kid. I could have gone either way in life but managed to grow up pretty sound and with  fiber. Despite not having a father at home growing up.
You pushed not only me but our wrestling and football team to new heights while we were there at SSHS. 
There are moments in life that stick in you brain. For whatever reason. I'd like to share a quote, I don't know if it was yours or borrowed. I remember I was about 16 years old in wrestling practice when you called me into your office. The talk was about grades or whatever but you said to me " Great things come out of hard work, if you don't work hard enough you'll never know how great you can be." 
It has stuck to this day and I have used it over and over.
Thanks Coach,

Your Friend,
Tony Davis
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